Man, Listen


Michigan State fans are the absolute worst. You’re free to debate me on this but I’m right and because of this, you’ll lose so there’s really no point in wasting your breath.

It’s not bad enough that I bleed Blue and live smack dab in the middle of Spartan country and spend an annoyingly large chunk of my time on MSU’s campus, but these fools are HORRIBLE. When they win there’s no shortage of annoying #GoGreen tweets on my timeline, but when they lose? That’s when shit goes left and I get annoyed with them all over again.
”We beat U of M doe.”
”But U of M ain’ eem make it to the ‘ship.”
We beat U of M this, we beat U of M that.
Nigga, so? You beat Ohio State, too. Talk about that. Bastids.
But whateva, it’s all love.


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