So, Um…Yeah.

By now you’re well aware of my annoyingly pathetic “So, there’s this guy…” story, so I thankfully don’t have to go into too many details. Which is good. I don’t feel like having to rehash them and I’m pretty sure nobody wants to read any of that simp shit.
Which, I suppose, could also be considered bad. For me, that is, not you.
What I plan to do next will probably earn me the title of Queen of all Simps. You might want to crack open a bottle of wine, stream Drake’s—aka: King Simp— new album and light a few candles before turning off the lights and hitting the jump. Remember, I warned you.

I should be off somewhere with absolutely no fucks to give about that assholeface, Darian. But, a rather annoying trait that I just can’t seem to shake is an unwillingness to do the things that I should, especially when it comes to him.
See, common sense says that I should leave it alone. Let him go about his business while I do the same, leaving the assorted chips laying where they’ve fallen and remained for too long. My heart, on the other hand, basically said, “fuck alla dat shit, bitch. Here’s what the fuck we’re gonna do,”1.
So I’ve decided to write him a letter.
If you’re one of the people who’ve actually followed me and my various blogs through the years, you know that I’ve already tried and failed to do something similar to this a couple of years ago. I ended up over-thinking the whole thing and, long story short, it was just an immensely bad scene. I didn’t get the chance to tell him everything that I need him to know and I just…I have to.
This isn’t a plea to “get him back”–technically speaking, I never lost him–or a misguided attempt to “get back at him” or some feeble means of  seeking “closure” or any of that other made for TV bullshit. This is something different. It’s about something that actually matters to me. Something that always has and always will no matter what.
This is, has always been and will always be about him.
I just hope he takes the time to read and learn from it.
1 Elle is actually much more eloquent than this on a regular basis, but she felt the need to get my attention and, well, that did it.

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