Well Shit, Muhfucka, Gotdamn.

I am absolutely terrible when it comes to keeping up with…well, anything, really.

My twenty-second birthday was a couple of months ago and I swore up and down that I was going to stay on top of this blogging thing if it killed me. I even went as far as mentioning it in my last post on The (Infamous) Life. I had it all planned out, too. I was going to sit still long enough to actually get some real writing done and I was going to blog, gotdammit!
…I didn’t do any of that shit.
Not that I didn’t try. I did. I still do. It just seems that I’m unable to write anything when I’m really trying to now.
All my words and works seem contrived. Fake. Phony. Forced. They’re annoying as hell to write and I hate reading them over even more if that’s even possible. Which sucks for me as a fledgling wordsmith with a real passion for the written word. 
This is my life. Well, not blogging, per se, but writing; the written word. Writing is how I shape my life and my world. I swear to God above that with my words I’ll one day make an impact of this world of ours. And I mean that.  Just wait and see if you’re one of the many who don’t believe me. I can’t wait to prove you wrong.
Bit I can’t do that if I keep on keepin’ on trying to do this in an orderly, more or less orthodox fashion. So here’s to unconventionality.


One Comment to “Well Shit, Muhfucka, Gotdamn.”

  1. I know how you feel. I make it my personal duty to pend pre-scheduled posts so i can post several blogs one day a month and have it set up so that one appears every few days or so.

    It’s a ‘am-i-in-the-mood’ kinda thing. I got a blog now already set up to show tomorrow that i wrote two weeks ago lol!

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