I almost forgot.



Note: due to WordPress and my template of choice hating me, you’ll have to click to get the full effect of my .GIF in all of its Yaki swinging glory.  

I just needed to get that off my chest.  The person I usually gripe, moan, bitch and complain to/at is fast asleep. I mean, really. I hate having to resort to complaining online. It just seems so…desperate and annoying. Well, that’s probably because it is desperate and annoying, but desperate times call for desperate measures, dammit! Wait. how many times did I just say “desperate”? Four? That’s far too effing many. Someone remind me to invest in a thesaurus, smh.
lol. Don’t mind me, folks. I’ll be back on my bullshit soon enough.
Speaking of, I need to get to work on this piece that I told my sis and site affiliate DMVixen I’d write for her about breaking up/keeping your relationship off of social networking sites such as Twitter and FaceBook. The plan was to originally submit it to another “urban”—I loathe and despise that classification, by the way—blog, but I lost the notebook I had planned it out in so, y’know. The piece didn’t get written and I didn’t offend anyone.
Which sucks. Being offensive is one of Ren’s favorite pastimes.


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