I’m trying to be my usual, angrily ranting, self but my head and my heart aren’t in it. Which sucks. I love going back and rereading my angry rants. They make me giggle because I find myself to be hilarious.

But not now.
I’m probably going to kick myself for this, smh.

I’m tired. And no, I don’t mean a physical, big ass yawn and even bigger stretch before bed tired. No. I’m tired on a much deeper—possibly even soul—level.

I’m tired of the fucked up circumstances and situations I keep finding myself in. Of the copious amounts of bullshit I’m forced to cope with because no one wants to and someone has to. Of  having to listen to everyone and their problems while my issues go unaddressed because “Jeez, Ren. What about me?” I’m tired of acting like everything is everything when it’s clearly not, so y’know what?

The bullshit stops here.


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